Creating and publishing surveys in Survey Monkey

Here is how to create surveys in Survey Monkey,

Sign in

  1. First create an account
  2. Once you have an account you can either
    1. Sign in using that account name
    2. or LINK it to your Google Account and sign in from then on using Google

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Once signed in, CREATE a survey

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Title your survey, choose any category, click CONTINUE

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On the next page, you’ll most likely want to just ADD a QUESTION
but you can also pull down the arrow for the options shown.

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In the question popup box, write in one question at a time.

  1. Select a question type from the pull down menu (applies to current question only)
  2. Scroll to Answer Options and write in answers one per line
  3. Save when done.
    1. Save and ADD to add a next question in this survey
    2. Save and CLOSE when you are finished creating your survey

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Set up the answers one per line, as shown

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If you want your respondents to write in their own answer (in case you haven’t thought of all possible answers) you can include an “Other” field, like this:

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RANKING is another useful question type

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Either keep Saving and ADDING Questions, or save and CLOSE the survey
You can come back and EDIT this later if you wish. 

When done, review your questions and then SEND your survey

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This gives your survey a link

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Send this link to your teacher and to anyone who you want to answer your survey

Your teacher might ask you to edit your survey

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And when it’s ALL GOOD the link will appear at the class wiki

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How to capture your results

Once you’ve collected some data, you visit your acct in Survey Monkey, visit your survey, click on analyze results, expose your charts, and capture them using Jing.

This article shows how to make screen captures with Jing of your results.  



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