Catching the Wave

This letter to Webheads asks for tips on Wave. The question comes at the right time, now that a lot of us have caught the wave.?? A lot of us are finding it could be fun, but there have been many wipe-outs.

I was listening to EdTech Weekly episode 142 last night (I was listening last night, the show was Nov 9 Dave Cormier was talking about his success with Wave collaborating on household chores with his wife, prompting Jennifer Maddrell, who often famously intones, "It's so hard to collaborate alone!" to add to her mantra, "It's so hard to collaborate when you've got nothing to collaborate about."

So, whereas it's useful and necessary to find others on Wave in order to help you explore its features, these are just for playing in the surf.?? Like any other network, Twitter for example, it works well when it's manageable but once it gets overwhelming and distracting it's not a place the casual visitor is prone to return to frequently (this is where you learn to archive your waves :-).

So for success with Wave it's emerging that: (1) by all means start doing it, messily, whatever, but then (2) keep it small (manageable) and on task. Finally (3) Dave pointed out that because Wave is open source it's starting to attract a host of application 'gadgets' to help people wax down their boards as it were, and once you find a few of those to help you smooth out
the rough edges of the original basic product, you notice more its affordances, and your rides are likely to be more sustained and productive (Dave likes IM chat for wave, for example, to get you past the clunky chat interface).

Vance Stevens


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