Teacher professional development: Free, online, incessant!

Someone asked on the ilearn2 Google Group: Is there any body out there who knows of interesting online PD resources for teachers at all levels?
My answer:
One of the most professionally mounted PD events available for free to TESOL members and non-members alike is the Electronic Village Online sessions that take place in January and February each year.?? Visit http://evosessions.pbworks.com/ for details.
You can see last year's session links here: http://evosessions.pbworks.com/Call_for_Participation09
These sessions are a full 6 weeks and offer interaction with peers and experts for all that time on a range of topics. You can see that whereas technology was the focus of many of these sessions, there are many where the focus is not on tech, such as Teaching English through drama, what's in the library for ESL/EFL students, Images for education, Interactive activities for young learners, Planning Video Projects …
Speaking of planning video projects, I was at a K12 online preplanning session the other evening (at http://k12onlineconference.org/?p=387 ) and Mathew Needleman, Apple Distinguished Educator, was presenting on video production in the classroom.?? It was like a film director, only it was a bright young teacher, explaining how to shoot camera angles, lighting, composition, etc. etc. illustrated with video material in a synchronous online environment.?? When you visit that site, the event I was referring to is the first event at the LAN party (doesn't look like these were recorded, unless they're up at the EdtechTalk site).?? That's just a smattering of what is coming up and comes up each year at the http://k12onlineconference.org/ conference. Check out the past (archived) and
upcoming conferences for vast PD possibilities.
Speaking of http://edtechtalk.com/, another excellent base for online professional development.?? In synchronous mode you can participate in conversations that are going on at the rate of several a day (Skype in). Asynchronously you can subscribe to the podcast feeds.?? This is my preferred mode.?? You can subscribe to the megafeed of many more such podcasts at http://worldbridges.net/
Many people see me wandering around the halls with an mp3 player in my ear and they assume I'm listening to music perhaps, but in fact I'm just tuning in to some of these podcasts.?? It's like learning a language, if you want to pick one up you need to be running raw data through your head as much as possible.?? Listening to podcasts is like that.?? There is so much time, while driving or exercising, doing housework (marking some kinds of papers) where you can be listening to something worthwhile, and at these times you can just absorb what the conversations are about.
Speaking of absorbing, try Twitter.?? This blog post http://advanceducation.blogspot.com/2009/08/new-webheads.html tells you how to identify experts on Twitter and use Twitter Mosaic to follow their followers.?? This will feed a steady stream of information your way.?? You might say, but I don't want a steady stream of information coming my way, I have enough coming my way as it is.?? Twitter is different, try it if you haven't already.?? This would work with experts
in any subject, not just technology related ones.
If you want to FIND experts in your subjects, try http://edublogawards.com/ , a good resource for locating the best
edubloggers in many academic subjects.
Hope this helps (someone)

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