Dusty and Vance conquer Jebel Qatr (again, not a big mountain)

I thought it was about time I checked outPosterous.  I decided to start with photos my son Dusty took in April while hewas visiting from Korea.  We went over the border to Oman to climbJebel Qatr near Fossil Valley a few kilometers from Mahada.  I’m hopingto post pictures of Dusty and I on the mountain, and one of the viewfrom the top.

I just sent them by email attachment and Voila! It works !!

Here are some photos from Mahada I found on the web (not a big place, next to not that big a mountain ;-): http://www.visualtravelguide.com/medium/Sultanate-of-Oman-Mahada.html



7 thoughts on “Dusty and Vance conquer Jebel Qatr (again, not a big mountain)

  1. Yes, Vance, you managed to climb up. Nobody doubts. Wonderful pics!!!I used to email postings to Posterous before the worldCALL conference last year. Do you remember I invited everyone to do that. It seems to me that you also posted your messages, didn’t you?That is why I like Posterous.

  2. WoW! Just to look at your pic I get height anxiety. Awesome pic :-)I joined Posterous some months ago, but I have not sent anything yet. I feel out of control if I cannot upload my own stuff. But I will try 😉

  3. Vance, you’re really enjoying life to the fullest! You’re either on top of the world or down as you explore the depths of the sea 🙂

  4. This post was a test of Posterous and it’s ability to make posts from emailed picture attachments. The photos were something of a joke. Jebel Qatar is a pretty place but there is nothing like wall climbing on it. There is a ledge just below me not in the photo. It made a great shot though so Dusty snapped it. Anyway Posterous was bought and killed off by Twitter and I ported my Posterous blogs to WordPress. They’ve lost their flavor but still the amazing ‘feats’ are preserved 🙂 lol

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